A message from the Help Desk

Welcome to the MTA On Line Self Help Web Page.

Research shows that 80% of Internet Users would prefer to help them selves if given the proper tools, information and guidance. (Besides, as much as we enjoy talking to customers, there is just no way all the information you need can be passed along over the phone. It will take you weeks if not months to get a good grasp on the Internet).

The purpose of this Web Site is to give the average internet user enough information so they not only get the best use of the Internet but that they are also properly armed and even educated about any potential pitfalls out there. The page is written in every day language was written by several Technicians. Some areas have opinions mixed in with facts (don't worry, it'll be obvious) and you should take what we say here with a grain of salt. Use what you feel comfortable with and discard what you want.

With that said, Let's start.

The Number One rule for the internet is Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware). Don't believe "anything" you read on the Internet (including this site) unless you've verified it's accuracy by 1) Using common sense and 2) Verifying with a different source. Unfortunately, there are no black and white rules in Cyber Space and no one source can be the absolute answer to all the questions. This page was written by several Technicians and it has opinions mixed with fact. Take what we say here with a grain of salt and use what you want.

Now, if you look to the left, you'll see some links. Please, oh please, if there is anything you read on this web page, click on Internet and read the "Must Read" section. It's full of "opinions" regarding the latest threats, scams and over all potholes in the Information Superhighway.

Thanks for selecting MTA On Line as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and have fun out there!